Report on delivery mechanism for Energy Efficient Scotland published
29th April 2019

The Scottish Government has published a report exploring how best to oversee the delivery of Energy Efficient Scotland (EES), the programme to improve energy efficiency and promote low carbon heating in Scotland’s homes and buildings.

The Scottish Government has developed a Strategic Outline Case (SOC) for a National Delivery Mechanism for its EES programme. In a 2017 consultation, Scottish Government asked about how best to deliver the EES programme. One of the messages it received was the potential need for a national mechanism to oversee the delivery of the programme. A national delivery mechanism was suggested as it reflects the duration and complexity of the programme, and the significant investment involved.

Part 1 of this Strategic Outline Case presents an assessment of the state of development of the EES programme relative to its overall targets, and a consideration of the potential gaps and/or additional activities that might be expected to maximise its chances of meeting its objectives on a timely and effective basis, in order to make the strategic case for a National Delivery Mechanism (NDM).

The analysis identifies 10 potential areas (the roles) where additional activity, capabilities and resources may be beneficial. This established a baseline of “programme need” against which to consider the merits of various delivery model options.

In Part 2, the 10 Roles were tested, validated and refined. Adjustments were made to reflect detailed circumstances of existing activities and the latest developments in on-going work.

Read the report here: