Research explores the public acceptability of domestic low carbon heating
26th November 2018

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) published research by Madano and Element Energy exploring the public acceptability of two alternative low carbon heating technologies for heating homes in the UK: hydrogen for heating and heat pumps.

Over three quarters (76%) of participants stated that they are concerned about climate change, with the same number (76%) believing it is important for UK homes to switch to alternative low carbon energy sources for heating their homes. However, there is limited awareness about the need to switch over from natural gas, as over half of those surveyed (57%) have never heard of the need to, or know very little about it.

The research found that while the public understands the ultimate need to switch from natural gas, there remain challenges for the public to accept the alternatives. The study concludes that greater emphasis on education about the heating technologies, and how the household will benefit from switching heating technology, will be required to secure public acceptability.

Find out more and download the report here.