Scottish Government publishes Heat Policy Statement
11th June 2015

The Scottish Government has published its Heat Policy Statement (HPS), setting out its approach to working towards decarbonising the heat system along with a framework for investment in a low carbon heat sector. The statement designates energy efficiency as a National Infrastructure Priority. To support this £76 million will be available over the next 3 years for tailored project development support to established and start-up infrastructure projects, including heat, across the private, public and community sectors. This will be delivered through the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP). In addition the Government will deliver a support programme for local authorities to develop a strategic approach to district heating and for supporting the use of the Scotland Heat Map to help deliver district heating. The statement also retains the level of ambition to achieve 1.5 TWh of Scotland’s heat demand to be delivered by district or communal heating and to have 40,000 homes connected by 2020. More information