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The Heat Network Partnership keeps track of Operational and In Development heat network projects across Scotland. This information is available via the Projects Map. This gives a good insight into the level and nature of development activity. By using the Projects Map together with the Scotland Heat Map equipment suppliers, financiers and professional services companies can develop a deeper understanding of how the market could grow in the future.
Scotland's Heat Network Potential
The Heat Network Partnership estimates that delivery of 50% of the 103 known heat network projects in Scotland offers an investment opportunity of around £100m to £240m. The Scottish Government’s Heat Policy Statement sets out the ambition for a substantial expansion of heat networks in Scotland, offering a significant opportunity for investors, equipment vendors and network operators. The Statement proposes an increase in the amount of heat supplied through heat networks from around 0.3 TWh now to 1.5 TWh by 2020. A significant part of this ambition will be achieved through increasing the number of households connected, from around 9,000 currently to 40,000 by 2020. The Scottish Government’s Heat Network Partnership (HNP) is actively engaged in supporting district projects across Scotland. The HNP has built up a database of activity which by April 2015 contained 103 proposed heat network projects in Scotland, representing around 1.02 TWh of additional heat. Read more
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